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Cataract Specialty Surgical Center

Surgical Procedures

Custom Laser Cataract Surgery represents a technological breakthrough in cataract care. Cataract Specialty Surgical Center was the first surgery center in Berkeley, Michigan to make femtosecond laser cataract surgery available to our patients with the FDA approved LENSAR laser. In addition to a modern facility and cutting-edge technology, the Cataract Specialty Surgical Center also has an exceptionally skilled and friendly staff. Patient care is the top priority of the nurses and office staff.

With the introduction of the FDA approved LENSAR femtosecond cataract laser, our surgeons now have the ability to perform many of the surgical steps that were traditionally performed by hand. These precise, reproducible steps performed by the LENSAR laser mean better lens positioning, less trauma to the eye, and more predictable visual results which are especially important with Advanced IOLs. In addition to using the femtosecond laser, we use the best and latest innovations in cataract surgery techniques such as ‘eye drops” anesthesia to eliminate the need for any kind of shots in the eye and sutureless small-incisions that allow us to implant foldable IOLs.

Another advanced technology we use at Cataract Specialty Surgical Center is the ORA Intra-operative Aberrometry. It allows us to take additional measurements of the eye after the cataract is removed. These measurements allow us to verify that our pre-operative calculations for the correct power of Intra-Ocular Lens were correct or if we need to adjust the power of the lens before it is implanted. This real time guidance is very helpful in providing our patients with the best possible visual results and especially important for eyes that have had previous surgery such as LASIK.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes, but you will be at the center for a couple of hours to allow for preoperative and post operative recovery. You will need to have somebody drive you home.