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Cataract Specialty Surgical Center

The Day of Surgery

Please wear a shirt or top that buttons down the front and has loose fitting sleeves and cuffs.
On admission, you will be escorted to our pre-op area where a registered nurse will review your current health status, including medication you may be currently taking.

If wearing a buttoned or zippered shirt or top, the majority of our patients do not need to remove any clothing. Eye drops prescribed by your surgeon will be given and a small IV will be started to administer sedation medication.

There will be equipment used to monitor your heart (EKG), blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and pulse at all times. Blood sugar levels will also be monitored if ordered by your physician.

You will be taken to the operating room for your surgery. The anesthetist and nurses will make sure you are comfortable during your surgery.

Following surgery and a short recovery period, you will be taken to our discharge area. You will be given a snack and instructions from your surgeon for care of the eye after your surgery.

Click here to see instructions for care the day after your surgery.